Brand new Figuratively speaking Company (SLC) told me one, based on HM Cash and you will Customs’s info, I really don’t can be found

Brand new Figuratively speaking Company (SLC) told me one, based on HM Cash and you will Customs’s info, I really don’t can be found

I’ve been paying my student loan because the 2010 for the monthly instalments greater than payday loans Kingston?2 hundred thru PAYE, the balance is growing and you can attention fees was ballooning

The difficulty seemingly have begun once i altered perform inside the 2012. Three years later on, I came across that not one of my costs is placed on my membership.

HMRC insisted it absolutely was problems to own SLC. I delivered five years’ property value payslips so you’re able to SLC twice (they forgotten the first package) and, just after 12 months, ?12,366 was subtracted out-of my personal loans. You to don’t are the collective attract costs. SLC insisted I found myself liable for this type of as they were applied to an enthusiastic mistakenly excessive balance.

That was in 2019. Since then, I’ve been unable to log in to view my account. SLC has variously told me there’s a block on it, that it’s being investigated by HMRC, or, more recently, that it isn’t authorised to discuss the account over the phone. It also insists it is not authorised to send paper statements, so can’t establish what I owe.
EK, London area

SLC passed me personally onto HMRC, which guaranteed an unexpected studies. It would appear that once you altered efforts your own federal insurance count are matched with good stranger’s, therefore costs have been seated within the limbo getting nine ages having attention racking up to your harmony one, but for the error, should have become reduced. What is actually really shocking would be the fact SLC and you will HMRC tried to offload your to one another to the six ages that you’ve made an effort to look after the difficulty, and you can step was only taken while i had on it.

I have plus developed a ?400 redress commission, and put methods set up to avoid a reappearance on the thing.” SLC, and therefore failed to give a comment, provides meanwhile felt like which you are obligated to pay ?step one,800, but features but really to describe if including the latest unfairly applied attention. However, need brand new unsubstantiated contribution authored off. Your predicament might possibly be troubling sufficient whether it are a-one-from. Although not, other graduates have complained in my experience they are becoming recharged getting expense they have currently paid down, otherwise prohibited out of checking their harmony.

Londoner Le received confirmation from SLC that his loan was paid up in 2019. However, deductions from his salary resumed without explanation in ed each other. “HMRC told me it had received notification from SLC in May to deduct student loan repayments,” he writes. “SLC said this must have been an error and that they would notify HMRC to stop taking payments and I would receive a refund from my employer.

“By September the payments were still being deducted, and SLC claimed that a mortgage-style’ loan, from Thesis Servicing on my account, was to blame. But it confirmed it had no record of anyone with my name.”

HMRC claims: “I apologise and now have up-to-date our details so you can echo the new pupil financing money built to big date

“In my own final call that have SLC, they said it could perhaps not render any further information regarding so it strange mortgage and therefore all it may do are notify HMRC once again, however, this would take-up so you can two months. HMRC claims they hasn’t read out of SLC. Very I am stuck in a great bureaucratic horror which includes, up to now, cost me personally ?dos,one hundred thousand that i normally sick pay for.”

Meanwhile, EW of London has been trying since 2018 to find out how much she still owes. “Every time I am told there is a balance error so there is suppression on my account, which means they can’t provide me with an accurate statement, or an estimate of when this will be resolved,” she writes.


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